Some of you may remember when I talked incessantly about moving to the Dominican Republic. I spent 2 years on that rant and never moved an inch closer to the goal. One day, I simply got tired of hearing myself talk about it and decided to finally set a fixed date to make it happen.

It was as though someone opened up the floodgates. I was hit with so much support, resources and advice after setting the date, that without even announcing it publicly I went from zero to one hundred. I went from no plans to having a full plan in place with people in the Dominican Republic standing by to continue that support on the ground.

So here I am, again, with a date set for my next move to Colombia. Just as before, after months of considering it with no real progress, all it took was setting a date. Now, with the date in place, the floodgates have opened and once again I have support both here and on the ground in Colombia to help me in my endeavors.

The takeaway – to those reading – is whatever it is that you want, or plan to do going forward, make it a “Hot Date”. Set it and you’ll see for yourself the power it holds.

Scott (uncut)