The dust has finally settled from my trip to New Orleans.  As with all my travels, I use the adventures as an opportunity to help improve future travel experiences.  New Orleans was no exception.  From booking a shared hostel room to shaking things up a bit with both formal tours and solo exploration, I learned a lot to set the tone for future trips.

On this trip, the most useful lesson learned was to keep things simple.  This manifested itself in a couple of ways.  In one instance, I brought a variety of different equipment to capture photos, videos, and audio.  Though it was a kit I developed to carry in a single backpack for shorter trips like this one, it was still too much.  At the end of the day, I only ended up using one small video recorder and a small point-and-shoot camera.

Refraining from bringing more equipment than necessary not only means less stuff to carry but also a much-appreciated break on the back and shoulders. In addition, when it came time to compile everything I captured, it was so much faster only having to download and edit from two devices.  It gave me a few extra hours to be creative with the final product rather than using that time just to get everything off the devices, converting files and organizing content.

So, for those of you who like to prepare for every possible scenario by bringing the kitchen sink, think carefully about how keeping it simple might free you up to capture more compelling memories and feed your creativity, thereby producing a better end result.