“definition: inaction – lack of action or activity”

A very good and longtime friend of mine and I were talking about some of our future plans. During our conversation, I was reminded of how many people I’ve known through the years who have fantastic dreams and desires but, as of yet, haven’t moved on them. That had me asking the question, Why?

I’ve had conversations with all walks of life concerning this very question. Sometimes I would find myself in “tough love” conversations with people of exceptional drive who had every tool necessary to succeed, yet, were somehow stuck and unable to move forward. They had an inability to pursue their aspirations despite already having the talents needed to proceed. So again, why?

Inaction is the one root cause or common denominator I can identify that keeps some of us stuck (even me). By inaction, I mean simply not taking that leap of faith and moving it forward. For some of us, it’s due to overanalyzing the scenario or plan to a point where we do not execute on it. For others, it’s simply a fear of failure or concern about what other people may think of our “crazy idea”.

The truth is, there’s no way to know your plan is ready, that you will succeed, or even that your friends and family will understand and support you. That’s exactly why you have to make it happen. Turn inaction into action. “Sure, Scott, that’s easy for you to say. You jump in head first in all your endeavors.” So, what’s the secret?

The secret is to focus on what you will gain from every outcome of your leap of faith turning inaction into action. Instead of worrying about a failed outcome, focus on what you will learn from the experience that will better prepare you for the next round. Don’t worry about the plan being perfect. Test and revise it along the way. No plan starts off perfect but it’ll get there with trial and error. Who cares if your family and friends don’t understand? You do! So use that to motivate you, and one day you can share with them how they, too, can stop being stuck. They will admire and appreciate you more than you can imagine.

Treat your newly found “action” like a muscle that you have to work out to get stronger. The more action you take, the easier future actions become. I didn’t always jump in head first, but now it’s a normal part of how I approach life. So get out there and test your plan, share your “crazy idea,” and make it happen. With practice and perseverance, you’ll move closer to your dreams after each action you take. Soon enough you’ll no longer be MIA (Missing InAction)!

Scott – live vicariously thought my thoughts